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Hooked Rugs!
Punch Needle!
It's all right here!

This site offers you the opportunity to select from some of the finest Quilt, Punch Needle, Rug, and Stitchery patterns available.

All of my quilt patterns offer clear graphics and easy step-by-step instructions. I developed these patterns based on 30+ years of teaching quilting and handwork.

Punch Needle, Punch Rug, and Stitchery patterns are new to my site and as you browse through you will see you have many options for easy designs as well as the more challenging ones.  I love whimsy but sometimes I want something primitive or maybe something more traditional.  Hopefully you will find exactly what you're looking for right here ‹

I look forward to providing you the best quality (and FUN) patterns available!

The possibilities are endless! I hope you like what you see.  Thanks for visiting my site! 

Happy stitching and God bless!


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